With its nickname being the Land of 10,000 Lakes, it should come as no surprise that Minnesota is a wonderful place to visit in the summertime. With large parts of the state remaining relatively untouched, Minnesota is widely regarded as being both breathtakingly beautiful and as natural a place as you’re likely to find south of Alaska.

The wilderness isn’t the only attraction, but it’s certainly up there as a top draw. Those more accustomed to urban settings will find plenty of intriguing possibilities too, thanks to the glorious cities of Minneapolis and St Paul.

Here are three of the most electrifyingly brilliant reasons as to why you should make Minnesota your next summer vacation destination.

Camping and State Parks

Believe it or not, Minnesota is home to an impressive 67 state parks and a whopping 62 state forest campsites. That has to be up there with the most per state in the entire country, highlighting just how perfect Minnesota is for a summer camping trip with the whole family.

The Boundary Waters Canoe Area and its expansive wilderness, make it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and seasoned campers. Get it on your bucket list. Some of the finest natural features can be found here, including beautiful beaches and streams. There’s also an array of different types of wildlife make your stay something to remember forever.

Minnesota State Fair

Crowds come from all over the country to sample the delights of the State Fair. Running for 12 days through late August and into September, this is the second largest State Fair in the whole of the United States.

The main strength of the fair is in its diversity. There is an annual lumberjack competition and car aficionados can feast their eyes on the latest models of cars from some of the country’s finest manufacturers.

The food though, is what sets it apart. Pure deep fried satisfaction, in all its forms, keeps everyone happy and well fed.

Cities and Must Sees

Most states have their little secrets, their hidden gems, and local favorites. Minnesota is no different.

The founding city of Stillwater is packed full of mysterious historic charm, punctuated only by the occasional modern twist. This is a really beautiful city to visit in the summertime for sure, with coffee shops and hangouts making it a real cultural hub.

Duluth, as most people know, is home to Gooseberry Falls, where visitors can embark on an adventure across Lake Superior. The outdoors is a key attraction to this beautiful state, and the fact the cities are all within easy reach of some of the wildest of places makes for a rather pleasing contradiction. Hit the peaks by day and the clubs by night.

In Summary

With the world class cities and must-see nature of Minnesota being so plentiful and diverse, it won’t be long before you find your own favorite place in this magnificent state. You just have to get there and experience it for yourself, in all its wondrous glory.