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The Top 3 Minnesota Area Universities

Going to University is a fantastic life experience and is something that anyone should consider if given the opportunity. Not only does going to University equip you with a degree that can be instrumental in gaining employment upon finishing your education, but it can also offer life experience, life-long friends, and memories that you simply couldn’t get any other way.

For those looking to attend university in MN whether you live here or are looking to move here, you’re in luck. Minnesota has a number of perks, ranging from low costs of living and low tuition rates, to its continental climate and beautiful parks.

It’s also a big place, with over 5.6 million residents, so you can rest assured that there is plenty of option when it comes to finding quality secondary education.

There are plenty of excellent Universities in the state, but here three of the best. If your heart is set on university and you know that you want to study in Minnesota, then any of these will provide you with a great education and fantastic experience.

University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

Twin Cities is considered the flagship campus of the University of Minnesota. As such, it has access to the very best teaching resources and is actually one of the top research institutions. This not only ensures that students will be able to enhance their studies with the best tools and course materials, but also provides them with the opportunity to work on research projects alongside some of the top researchers and educators in the country.

As well as being a top university from an educational standpoint, the Twin Cities campus also benefits from being ideally located for finding things to do, places to hang out with fellow students, or places to visit. The size itself makes this an appealing option for those that are very social. It’s actually the second-largest university in the Midwest and fifth largest in North America!

Minnesota State University Mankato

This university was founded as a teaching college back in 1868 but has undergone a number of rebrands and changes in direction since then. Today, it serves as the main campus of the Minnesota State university system.

It’s among the most affordable colleges and also serves as the second-largest public school across the state. This ensures that it attracts a particularly large and varied roster of students, which in turn ensures lots of different clubs, activities, and societies. It has been named one of the top campuses for LGBT students for instance.

Not only that, but the education here is fantastic. The university has over 130 undergraduate programs, most of which involve conducting research alongside top professors.

Carleton College

Last but certainly not least, this college based in Northfield, MN is a premiere establishment for those with top grades and aspirations of great accomplishments. The university has a very strict 23% acceptance rate, but once in, students will receive personal attention from the top instructors – 92% of which own terminal degrees. This is possible thanks to the nine to one student to faculty ratio, which is practically unheard of and ensures a different calibre of teaching.

There are of course many other fine educational institutions throughout the state, but the three above are generally considered the cream of the crop.

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