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7 Most Common Home AC Problems to Look out for This Summer

Over 9,000 Americans died from heat-related complications during the last 50 years. As climate change continues to raise summer temperatures, it’s vital to find ways to beat the heat.

Maintaining your air conditioner is a surefire way to protect yourself and your family. Annual check-ups prevent common AC problems from popping up during the summer.

Don’t fall into the temptation to put off your annual AC maintenance. A short visit from a professional now will save you from falling victim to common air conditioner issues.

1. The AC Won’t Turn On

There are a few culprits to look for when your AC won’t start.

The number one problem is a tripped breaker or blown fuse in your electrical panel. If your AC motor dies, it’s probably a problem with the breaker.

Worn out capacitors also prevent your AC from starting. These vital parts provide energy to the motor and fans.

Contactors transfer energy from the capacitors to the motors in the air conditioner. If they are corroded, the motors won’t start.

2. Refrigerant Problems

Older AC units use Freon. The EPA discovered that Freon depletes the ozone and called for new AC units to use a safer coolant.

If your older AC shows any signs of leaking, call in a professional right away. Freon exposure causes:

  • Lung problems
  • Burns on the esophagus
  • Necrotic skin lesions

New systems use Puron. It is mostly harmless, but a leak means your AC won’t cool your home properly.

3. Leaky Ducts

HVAC ducts expand and contract with temperature changes. This puts stress on the joints, causing leaks.

Over time, 20% of the air running through old vents leaks out, raising your power bill.

4. Filthy Filter

Dirty filters prevent the AC from moving air properly. If neglected for long enough, this lack of airflow will damage the system.

Change your filters according to the manufacturer. Some systems change out filters every month, others every three months. A few systems have reusable filters that need to be rinsed off.

5. Dripping Water

Anytime you inspect your AC unit, check for leaks. Coolant leaks are the main problem, but water leaks are likewise bad news.

A leaking AC probably has a clogged drain line. This pipe drains water that drips from the system’s evaporator coils. Without the drain, water from the coils gathers in the unit, damaging the electronics.

6. No Airflow

If your filter is clean and the AC still isn’t moving enough air, it might be a fan problem.

Fans stop working because of:

  • Worn belts
  • Dirt
  • A bad motor

Take care of fan problems as soon as possible before it leads to a broken compressor.

7. Thermostat Troubles

Thermostats control the temperature in your home. If it is installed in the wrong spot, it won’t read the right temperature.

These control panels need to stay clean and level to work properly. If you aren’t sure how to safely clean them, ask a professional to help.

Take Care of These Common AC Problems Before Summer Hits

Don’t risk your family’s health this summer. Heat exhaustion causes rapid heartbeat, fainting, and dehydration. The best way to treat or prevent heat exhaustion is to stay in an air-conditioned building.

BWS Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning is ready to help solve your common AC problems. Contact us today to schedule an AC tune-up and safety inspection.

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