On a sweltering, humid summer day, we depend on our home air conditioning for sweet relief from the heat.

But what happens when you’re having home AC issues in the summer, and your home just isn’t cooling as it should?

Keeping our homes cool is essential on hot days, so our family can stay comfortable. However, the hot days often bring problems to our HVAC systems.

Curious about what the most common AC problems are in the summer? Read on to learn what they are— plus, what you can do about them.

1. Low AC Refrigerant Levels

Your HVAC system requires refrigerant to work, as it is responsible for cooling down the air that is dispersed throughout the house.

However, if your levels are low or if your AC unit has a leak, you could be low on refrigerant. Since summer is the most important time to keep your house cool, consider booking air conditioning services regularly to ensure your system is ready for the hotter months.

2. Dirty Filters

In summer, dirty filters are a common AC issue. If the filters are blocked by pet hair, dust, pollen, or dirt, your HVAC system won’t be able to work properly.

If your filter is dirty, airflow will be impeded and your system won’t be able to cool effectively.

Try to keep filters clean, or replace them, regularly.

3. House Not Cool Enough

Is your air-conditioner on at full-blast, but the house still feels too warm?

This could be due to several problems, including a faulty thermostat, leaks, or broken parts. However, it could also be a bigger problem— you’ve installed an HVAC system that’s too small to meet the needs of your home. In this case, you may be better off if you install a larger unit.

If you’re unsure why your home isn’t cooling, book a technician to come out and investigate.

4. Unit Is Blowing Hot Air

Oh no— your air conditioning is blowing hot air in the summer! This is a very frustrating problem.

There could be a few different causes to this, from a clogged filter to a broken part. If you notice this problem, turn off your system and call an expert. Book in regular AC maintenance to prevent big problems like this, which are common in the summer.

5. High Energy Bills

We love the convenience of air conditioning in the summer, but running it constantly can lead to high energy bills.

You may be able to lower your bill by replacing your unit with one that’s more energy-efficient. Or, try checking that your air ducts are working correctly, clean the coils on your AC unit, or keep your shades down to keep the home cooler.

With a bit of planning, you can help lower your energy bills in the summer.

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